A message from the Governors

The School website is an up-to-date method of conveying information to parents and potential parents.

We congratulate those who have organised the web site and hope that it proves useful and dynamic as it develops. As this is an Aided school the Governing Body has legal responsibility for employing the Head and teaching staff.
The Governors have the responsibility of overseeing all policies of the school, the school development plan and for acting as referee in the event of dispute over pupil behaviour or potential complaint (in the event of the matter not being settled within the school)
Bronington is a Church in Wales School. Accordingly, the Foundation Governors represent the Church. They are nominated by the local Parochial Church Council and ratified by the Diocesan Board of Education.

We meet at least once each term – more frequently when staff changes are on the go. We receive reports from the Head on progress at school on all fronts.

The Governors have the wellbeing of everyone connected with our school at heart – that means children, parents, staff and Head (not necessarily in that order.)

We are all rightly proud of Bronington School and hope that it will continue to serve the community for many years to come.

The make-up of the Governing Body is as follows:-

Chair: Mr. Kevin Weston

K Weston.png

Vice-Chair: Mrs. Vanessa Brodie LA Governor

Mrs Hannah Mullaney
Parent Foundation Governor

Miss Amber Lewis
Parent Foundation Governor

Mr Paul Whittaker
Foundation Governor


Mrs Beryl Barnett
Foundation Governor

Mr Jeremy Newton
Foundation Governor

Community Council Governor:
Mr. Steve Swinden

Steve Swinden.jpg

Teacher Governor:

Non-Teacher Governor:
Miss. Mary Hockenhull

Parent Governor:
Mr Thomas Jupe

If you would like to express an interest in becoming part of the Governing Body please contact the school.


The School Governing Body is no longer required to hold an annual parents meeting.

Parents are major stakeholders in the school community and have a clear and strong interest in their child’s education. It is therefore important that the governing body actively engages with parents, and remain accountable, by providing them with information and opportunities to discuss and have an input into school.

The School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013 now enables parents of registered pupils at the school to request up to three meetings per year with the governing body via a petition. A brief summary is provided below.

  1. the petition contains the signatures of the required minimum number of parents of registered pupils at the school, which is the lower of the following:
    – (a) the parents of 10% of registered pupils, or
    – (b) the parents of 30 registered pupils
  2. the meeting requested by parents must be to discuss a matter relating to the school.
  3. there will be no more than three meetings held during the year in which the first petition is received.
  4. there are sufficient school days left in the school year for the meeting to be held.